Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC)

The Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC) is a premier source of independent research on corporate governance and social responsibility. Established in 1972, IRRC has a long history of excellence. Unicurve acquired IRRC in 2015, continuing its mission.

We provide tools and information for informed, responsible investments. Our resources help you understand value propositions, assess risks, and align investments with your social values. IRRC covers various asset classes, ensuring you make smart and ethical decisions.

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Our goal at IRRC is to help you make better investment decisions by ensuring your investments tick four key boxes:

  • The value proposition makes sense to you.
  • You understand the metrics around the investment.
  • The risks are known and acceptable.
  • You are comfortable investing from a social standpoint.

We cover all types of investments, including financial markets, stocks, private equity, start-ups, personal education, and business management. Our information resources are provided free of charge for business education purposes.

Our History

IRRC began as a social issues and corporate research firm. In 2005, we transitioned to focus solely on independent, issues-based research, maintaining our commitment to impartiality and depth. This shift allowed us to respond better to the evolving needs of our clients, supported by our initial endowment and ongoing contributions from Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS).


Aligned with our original mission after the 2005 transition, IRRC under Unicurve aims to:

  • Provide objective and in-depth research on corporate governance and social responsibility.
  • Offer accessible resources to help investors make informed, socially responsible decisions.
  • Maintain the highest standards of impartiality and accuracy in our research.
  • Address challenging issues on the horizon for the investment community.

Unicurve and IRRC

Unicurve, founded by Dr Andrew Lancaster in 2013, is dedicated to providing reliable educational advice and resources. With a background in economics and public service, Dr Lancaster brings a strategic and informed approach to leadership. Unicurve’s offerings are impactful and insightful.

Our Resources

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To support responsible investing, IRRC offers a variety of resources.

  • Investment Planning and Risk Management: Templates, guides, and tools for creating effective business plans and managing investment risks.
  • Corporate Governance and Directorship: Regular updates, analysis on corporate governance trends, and research on directorship practices.
  • Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investments: Examples, case studies, and insights on sustainable investments and social responsibility issues.
  • Environmental and Social Reporting: Detailed reports on environmental practices and social responsibility issues affecting major corporations.
  • Educational and Entrepreneurial Resources: Information on MBA programs focusing on responsible investing and entrepreneurship, as well as guides on securing and growing education funds.

Our Commitment

At IRRC, we are committed to:

  • Upholding the highest standards of impartiality and accuracy in our research.
  • Providing investors with the tools and information needed for responsible investing.
  • Continuously improving our resources to address the evolving needs of our community.

Join Us

Stay informed with the latest research and insights by joining our community. Whether you are an institutional investor, a corporation, or an individual looking to make responsible investment decisions, IRRC is here to support you.